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Making a safer web

Parents worldwide entrust the online activities and security of their kid to Content Holmes. No more worries about the internet being unsafe.

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Content Holmes does amazing things

No more tension, protect your children online easily. Content Holmes is an AI app with a focus on extreme ease of access and complete security, going to lengths to protect your child.

Safe browsing

Safe content like never before. Content Holmes intelligently determines the type of content that your child views and adjusts it so that nothing profane goes across.

URL Blocker

A blocker like no other. URL Blocker ensures no explicit content ever reaches your children. Simple and safe.

Word Replacer

Word replacer intelligently replaces profane words, so that the child can never be affected by them. Over 200 words replaced on the fly helps Holmes achieve this. New and Unique.

Carefree Browsing

Content Holmes determines how your child is feeling and helps you make your child happier! We ping you up when your child is down, and help you gift your child the best birthday gift by telling you about his interests.


Productive Browsing

Internet time limits productivity during exams, and internet is full of distractions. And if you feel so, just ask Content Holmes and he automagically helps you block or restrict access to the internet, right from FB messenger. Ultra uber fast.

URL Blocking

Ask Content Holmes to block any website, and it'll simply be blocked.

Session Timers

Restrict the entire internet time of your child to a particular number of hours per day.

Tag-based Blocking

Content Holmes can also block gaming websites, entertainment websites etc. Just say the name!

Easily access information

We designed Content Holmes with ease of use in mind. You can access the controls wherever you find internet and a device that connects to it. Could it really be that simple?

Access is currently permitted through a simple chatbot on facebook or through the web-dashboard, where you can access your child's reports as well!

Messenger bot
Web Portal